Info For Software Consumers

WebInstall™ is dedicated to delivering users a comfortable and engaging software recommendation experience. We help simplify the software installation process, and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the software industry to handle their installation packages.

What is WebInstall™?

WebInstall™ is a safe and secure installation manager that oversees the installation process of software from start to finish. When you download a product from one of our client sites, our download manger will guide you through all the steps necessary to successfully get your software up and running.

How does WebInstall™ provide free software?

WebInstall™ is able to offer all of our software for free because we are advertiser supported. When we power your software installation, our advertisers are able to offer you other products that you may be interested in.

All products we offer are from third-party advertisers, but the offers are checked to assure that they are spyware free and compliant with modern industry standards. All outside offers are completely optional, and not accepting them will have no bearing on you download experience.

How do I remove WebInstall™?

WebInstall™ is an installation manager; it does not install itself on your computer. You are free to delete the WebInstall™ setup file at any time.

Uninstalling any product offered by WebInstall™ is easy. Click here for step-by-step uninstall instructions for your operating system or browser.